" Beauty not only related to object, and not only related to the soul, it is the relationship between both of them "

                                                                                   Zhu Guangqian(1897-1986)


I started reading books written by Mr. Zhu Guangqian, the famous Chinese Aesthetician when I was still a child, and developed a special feeling for the concept of “Beauty”. Gradually, my muddled perceptual knowledge turns into rational insights.

At the age of eight, I started to learn painting. Landscape painting was my first touch. By observing a large number of paintings completed by the predecessors and practicing day after day, I realized that the breadth of mind and construct are the essence of traditional Chinese paintings. What matters is not strict perspective scales, but artistic conceptions. After three years, I started to learn Western classical paintings, and was greatly impacted by sketches, which pursues a classical implication of simple, harmony, solemn and quiet. The rational analysis and precise layout of realistic paintings showed me another aspect of beauty. The learning of both Chinese and Western painting styles laid a great foundation for my exploration of design.

In 2006, I was admitted by the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, and graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor degree in home furnishing products Design. Since then, I have been working in the field of design for several years, and keep a strong passion for it. In 2015, I enrolled in furniture department of The Rhode Island School of Design and keep finding the design philosophy of myself by now.